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One of my greatest joys is giving 

the homeowner their dream home! 

The design aspect is without a doubt my favorite part. As a boy I loved drawing floor plans and would draw different designs based on my friends’ homes and the rooms I thought were “cool” at the time. I was too young to really understand it all but was fascinated!


At our initial meeting we knew Jason was the perfect fit for what we wanted in our dream home. Jason’s meticulous attention to detail, aspirations for perfection in his own work, eye for design, and functionality of space were just a few of the qualities that we saw in him.” —Marty and Katie Dav

All of 16 Pointe Properties plans are a collaborative effort between Jason Akins of 16 Pointe Properties, the homeowner, and Craig Newkirk of Newkirk Drafting & Design.

I begin by sitting down and spending time with the owner to learn how they live, just talking and chatting, these beginning conversations reveal quite a bit. Are they sunrise lovers, sunset lovers, or both? Do they have different schedules? Are pets, children, or grandchildren involved? Teenagers, as we all know, lead much different lives than toddlers, although they both seem to like naps!
The everyday lifestyle of the owner is very important to the functionality of a home. I get to know the owner and request a list of “must haves”, “would really like to haves”, and “fit it in if you can” items. From that point I begin a set of drawings on draft paper tailored to the owner and the lot they have chosen. We take the positives and negatives of every lot to produce the best possible design to fit the lot quirks, nature’s quirks, and the client’s quirks!
Craig Newkirk is a 7th generation Wilmington Native. His father was a renowned architect but Craig has his own ideas on what works well and draws on his lifetime of coastal living when working on designs. Craig is a modern day renaissance man as well. He is an expert in Tae Kwon Do, has won numerous surfing contests, is a TV and movie actor, and proud father whose surfing skills he has passed on to his daughter, who is also very accomplished. He can draw a decent plan as well….
Once the initial rough sketches are done Craig and I spend many hours and lunches throwing ideas around, arguing, and ultimately agreeing on what really works best for the client. It truly is a fun process where the best of both our ideas end up on paper and the new home owner just can’t wait to start construction! We have become good friends in the process and the home owner is the true beneficiary of the collaborative process.
We both joke with each other, “You couldn’t do this without me”. The truth is, neither of us could do it without incredible home owners who put their trust in us and for that we are very thankful because we “couldn’t do it without you”.
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